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Which Types of Technical Items Business Owners Can Outsource

By Heather Santo | Blogging


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Technical Items to Outsource


Ever want to throw your computer out the window or bash it with a hammer? Have you seen the movie Office Space? If you have, then I’m sure you remember the iconic scene with the printer and if not, go look for it on You Tube. If you’ve seen it, have you ever wanted to do that to a program or project you are working on? You know, walk around it stalker style with a hammer and beat on it until you felt confident it was dead?

I’m sure you have, because I know I have and will openly admit it.

There are things that I’m just not good at and in no point in my life am I going to take the time to learn it. Some things are best left to the professionals who know how to do it like the back of their hand. They have the expertise, I don’t. They can have it and take the project in all its glory. To me, it’s not a good use of my time to attempt to learn how to do technical things that are not making me money or things that I may only need once or maybe twice in the entire life of my business. Those are the technical items business owners can outsource.

It’s those mundane things that make your crazy and give you bald spots or want you to go into your garage for something heavy or sharp. Violence is not the answer for computer problems, although I’m sure it would make you feel better in the short-term. Things like that are best left out of your hands.

First thought may be: ” I don’t have the money to pay someone to do it.

Here’s the problem with that. How much money are you going to pay to get the information to learn it? If it’s free or you think you can find a way around it on the internet, how many hours will you spend watching it? How many hours will it take you to attempt to do it? How many times will you mess it up or get frustrated? 

All of that excess times equates to money and time and those are two precious resources that should be used wisely. 

You are an entrepreneur and you are in business to make money. Take the items that aren’t worth your time and pass them off. Get back to making real money, developing new streams of income or talking to clients or educating yourself on things that matter. Every decision you make in your business leads to reaching your dream or derailing it. Which way have you decisions lead you today?

Smart business owners outsource.



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