Types of Virtual Assistants and Which One is Right For You? - Heather Santo

Types of Virtual Assistants and Which One is Right For You?

By Heather Santo | Entrepreneur


You don't have to try and figure out this social media thing all on your own. I'll light the way!

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Types of Virtual Assistants and which one is right for you


You are ready to outsource in your business and need a virtual assistant. Here’s the thing: there are different types of virtual assistants. Knowing the different stereotypes, may make it easier for you to make a decision on the type that you need. These are not official “types” of VA’s, but having been in the industry and talked with lots of them, I’ve noticed that there are different types or specializations. Depending on your needs, you may want one or more of these different types to help you!

Some virtual assistants can be more than one type, not necessarily one, so always ask. Even if that particular virtual assistant can’t help you, they may be able to refer you to someone who can that they know, like and trust. What is better than a referral from someone who is already in the industry!?

Here’s my breakdown on what I see as the different types of VA’s:

Social Media: Some VA’s create content for clients. They learn to mimic the client’s voice and then do all of their content. Now, I don’t advocate you doing this — particularly if you are a personal brand — but some people need this service. These VA’s will create and schedule your content.

There are some other Social Media VA’s, however, that will schedule content and provide strategy for your content instead. They are more versed in the trends of social media and can tell you the best way to get more engagement without becoming your voice. They may find quotes, create images or find engaging questions, but the majority of the content will belong to the client. This is how I handle it with my clients.

Techie/ Technical: These are your technical wizard Virtual Assistants. They are best known for helping with all of the stuff that you don’t have time to learn or care to learn. Some examples are Infusionsoft, Ontraport, LeadPages, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber, Kajabi, Landing Page Monkey etc. These are the people that you hire to handle the time consuming work. Each VA will have a different skillset with different technical programs.

Administrative: These VA’s handle your administrative duties. They would manage your calendar, handle emails, book flights and travel arrangements, set up meetings, organize summits and live events, data entry, transcription, etc. These VA’s shine with things like Google calendar, Evernote and any other type of administrative or data entry program. This is one of the more common types of VA’s.

WordPress Expert: These VA’s know their way around WordPress. This can be lumped into the technical category, since most VA’s that know WP tend to go the techie route. These VA’s can sometimes do monthly maintenance, such as updating plugins and themes, fixing technical errors, creating pages and posts and scheduling them, installing plugins and actually creating WordPress websites.

Graphics/Graphics Designer: These are two very different types of VA’s. One who does graphics is more likely to create beautiful images for social media, social media covers, ebook covers and more. Graphic Designers are a little more complex and use more complex tools.

Product Launch: These VA’s understand the steps in a launch and will become very familiar with your business. They understand funnels and can help you with all the steps to a successful launch.

Note: Online Business Managers and Project Manager are different than VA’s. They have a very different skillset and can sometimes be confused. These people oversee more than actually do the work themselves.

A VA, may be one, some or all of these different categories and anything in between. If you find a VA specialized in one item, but need other types as well, you may need a team. You will know what is best for your business! My best advice is find a VA you love on social media and then ask questions to see how they can help! 




Headshot Footer Heather Santo is a 20 year cake decorator turned Wellness Enthusiast who is an absolute foodie and has changed her own life for the better by losing 85lbs. She is also a virtual assistant to help busy entrepreneurs by making their lives easier and healthier. On her journey to natural health, she learned that essential oils could change her life and now teaches others daily to use them as part of their everyday lives as well.

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