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Technical Tips for Using Periscope

By Heather Santo | Home Office


You don't have to try and figure out this social media thing all on your own. I'll light the way!

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Technical Tricks to Using Periscope

Are you ready for a new way to connect with your audience? The free Periscope app allows you to connect with your audience in real time! This app is now available on ioS and more recently on Android so both systems can enjoy it!

Technical Tips for Using Periscope

This app allows you to use your phone to stream LIVE to your followers. You can easily change the camera angle by double tapping on the screen. (There is a slight pause in the broadcast as the camera angle is changed). If you are enjoying a broadcast, you can share it with your followers by swiping (left or right) on iphone or up on Android. You can also click the group of little people in the bottom right as well.

There is also a little world icon that allows you to connect with people and find streams in different graphic locations.

Periscope connects to your Twitter account and lists the people you follow as suggestions of people to follow or you can search people yourself with the search feature.

Your bio and profile photo are both imported from Twitter. You can update them to be different from the app. If you wish to put a live link in your bio you MUST use http or the link won’t work.

The spontaneously fun part about Periscope is that the replays are only available for 24 hours, but you can choose to save your Periscope’s to your camera roll. This option is available for both systems in your settings. You can also make your scopes available by using a site called This site allows viewers to watch your scope past the 24 hours! If you are looking for more ideas of what to do with your scopes after the 24 hours, you will love these tips.

If you want to catch the replay of someone you are following, you go to their bio and watch click on recent. You can also watch scopes on your desktop as well if you follow a link on Twitter. The only downside of watching on your desktop is that you cannot give hearts. If you are watching a replay on your phone, you can still give hearts.

In the conversation, you can reply to someone by clicking on their comment as it comes up, hitting reply and then typing your message! It looks like replying does on Twitter!

If you LOVE the content that you are seeing, on both systems, you can tap the screen and give hearts! Your color heart will change each time you join a broadcast. This is not like a standard post where you only click something once to like it or only tap once for a heart on Instagram. Tap the hearts as many times as you want. You can give 500 hearts at a time. If you wish to give more, you must exit the broadcast and then return to give 500 more. You can click over 500 hearts without leaving the broadcast BUT only 500 of them will count toward the presenter’s total heart count.


Are you on Periscope? I’d love to have you follow me so that we can connect there. I’m looking forward to getting to share with you and seeing you LIVE! Don’t forget to always hit the heart buttons as many times as you can to show the love for the content that you are seeing.



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