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You don't have to try and figure out this social media thing all on your own. I'll light the way!

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Essential Oils to Help with Blogging, Ebooks, Social Media Posts and More

By Heather Santo | Blogging , Business , Entrepreneur , Essential Oils , Facebook , Home Business , Home Office , Instagram , WordPress

I know what it is like to not be able to think of what you want to say. It is easy to get stuck not knowing what to write for blog posts, E-books, social media posts or anything else which requires you to be creative. I hate the blinking cursor too. It calls my name […]

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Ways a Virtual Assistant can Help you manage your Facebook Groups

By Heather Santo | Client Care , Entrepreneur , Facebook , Home Business , Outsourcing , Virtual Assistant

    Creating continuity programs for your clients is a great way for you to connect with them everyday and offer more advanced and personal training. A great way to do this is through social media, in particular, Facebook groups. Whether you have 10 people or 100 people, operating one of these groups can be quite […]

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