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Social Media Time Wasters

By Heather Santo | Business


You don't have to try and figure out this social media thing all on your own. I'll light the way!

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Social Media Time Wasters


One big reason why business owners hate social media is because they say it takes too much time. Doing social media properly is not something that you just whip together, but there are ways that you could be wasting too much time and not even know it! The key is to do it with purpose and a plan. You can have fun with it once you realize that it is not going to take up all of your valuable time. 

Here’s some notorious social media time wasters that may be holding you back.

Too Many Platforms: You don’t need to be on EVERY platform out there. If you try to do that, you are stretching yourself too thin and may miss opportunities to engage and be present where your customers are actually hanging out. Choose 2 at first and be your very best at those. If you want to expand into a few more, go for it, but don’t be the Jack of All Trades. Be the Master of Some. >>>Tweet this<<<  This will save you time and help you not feel overwhelmed.

No Content Plan: If you spend most of your time figuring out what you want to say, it will take all of the fun out of it and your audience will know it. Have certain segments that you want to utilize each day and build around that. Here’s an example: Each day you want to have

  • An engaging Question
  • An opening
  • A closing
  • Motivational/Inspirational Quote
  • Blog Post
  • … etc.

(This is an excerpt from my own content plan) 

When you know what you want to do, it will make it easier to find your content.

Get a Swipe File: If you are creating ALL fresh content ALL the time, you are doing yourself a disservice. If you have been using social media for a while, you need a swipe file. This is going through your social media feed and collecting your best loved tweets, Facebook posts, etc and putting them into a document so that you can just copy and paste. You can do this for all different parts of your social media. Get all of your blog post links turned into links with descriptions for ease. Keep your best images all in one spot. 

With new tools like Edgar, and Social Oomph, you can load an archive of your old content and it will cycle it for you. If the price tag is too high, use a swipe file and upload it yourself into Hootsuite either manually or if you have the paid version, with a .csv file. Either way, this can save you a tremendous amount of time. If you don’t want to create the swipe file, get one created for you by a virtual assistant. 

Reading and Writing: Tempting as it is, do not look in your newsfeed on any platform while you are scheduling. This will distract you and get you sucked into reading rants, doing quizzes and looking at cat memes (not that there is anything wrong with cat memes). Do this when you are “off the clock”. Everything goes surprisingly quicker when you are fully focused.



Head Shot Cropped VAHeather Santo is a certified Virtual Administrative Consultant with over 15 years of customer service experience. She also spent time in corporate America as a Human Resources Manager performing generalist duties and specializing in recruiting. She now enjoys using her talents to serve her clients and help them to operate their businesses efficiently. She specializes in Aweber, Pinterest, WordPress Thesis, Gratitude Concierge Work and social media content graphic creation.

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