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Preparing Your Body For Launch Succes

By Heather Santo | Health


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Ways to Prepare Your Body For a Product Launch

One of the most exciting times during the life of a business is a new product launch. With all of the excitement  comes a lot of stress as well. If a business owner does not properly prepare his or her body the results could be weight gain, fatigue or lack of sleep.

Business owner’s can prepare themselves for all phases of the launch by starting early. By following 5 easy steps an entrepreneur can get through the stages of a launch and have a good time doing it! As a dualpreneur I know how difficult it can be to go through the launch process.  Shanshera Quinn, from teaches business owners how to launch successfully. It was my honor to be invited by her to do an interview so that I could share what I’ve learned about health and wellness from my own journey. I hope that these tips helps you to have a healthy, exciting and profitable launch!

Grab a pen and paper and listen to the interview here.

To learn more about the products mentioned in the interview, click here.



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