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What to do with old Periscopes

By Heather Santo | Periscope


You don't have to try and figure out this social media thing all on your own. I'll light the way!

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What to do with old Periscopes

Periscope is a really fun way to engage with your audience. You’ve done the work and ordered perhaps some lighting or a tripod so that you have great looking scopes. Maybe you set it up to record your computer while you did a training. After the 24 hours are up to watch the replay, is the Periscope dead? Nope! You can breathe some life back into them!

What to do with old Periscopes

1. Get the replay link: Although you may have connected Periscope to Twitter so that people can watch your Periscope replay or have it as a pinned post, people may not see it nor visit your Twitter profile proper. To get that replay as much exposure as possible, click on the link from Twitter to get the desktop replay link. Copy it. You now have the exact link to your scope.

2. Schedule it: Take that link from your old Periscope and schedule it out on hootsuite — especially Twitter — to get it more exposure. To add some flare, copy the portion of your tweet that has the emoji’s and tweak it a bit.( You ARE using emoji’s in your titles right???). Then take the Periscope link, shorten it in bit.ly and presto! You have a tweetable like this:


Note: When you use this link on Facebook, it will pull the first image from your Periscope, so make sure that when you start, your camera is facing something that is visually appealing! Tweet this

As you get down to the final hours when you schedule your tweet you can add ” Replay expiring soon”, “Expires in 1 hours” etc. to give that sense of urgency. Although you can’t give hearts from the desktop, those who watch from their mobile devices can still give hearts on the replay!

3. Live again — Frankenstein style – After the 24 hours, the replay is STILL not dead. In your setting on Periscope, you can set it so that all of your Periscopes are set to your camera roll! You have to change the setting to turn it on! Now they are on your phone and you can do with them whatever you want!

Post it in your private Facebook groups

Upload it to You Tube

Use it for an E-product

Use it as a Free Offer

Have fun with all of the hard work that you put into your scope! Get your full mileage out of it and get it exposed to as many people in your audience as possible!

What have you done with your old Periscopes? I’d love to hear any ideas that you have!



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