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How to Use Your Blog to Sell

By Heather Santo | Blogging


You don't have to try and figure out this social media thing all on your own. I'll light the way!

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Using Your Blog to Sell

Blogs are the cornerstone of any business in the modern world. Unlike your social media followers, you actually own the content on your blog and the people that are on your newsletter. 

 One of the biggest keys to success with blogs is posting regularly.  If you don’t post regularly, you probably won’t get much traffic, and people won’t return.  Posting frequently also keeps your content fresh, and search engines love fresh content, especially Google. Each time you post to your blog, even if you have a sitemap, you can enter the information here.  If you make changes to an old post, upload it here again to keep it updated.

Another big key to blogging success it to post information that is relevant to your audience. Give them a reason to want to keep reading. “Story” blogs aren’t going to do so much for your business. You should talk about information that is important and tell stories about your life that have a lesson that allow your audience to get to know you, but general posts about what you had for dinner would be better suited on social media. As a matter of fact, you should be posting that kind of content there often.

To gain more blog traction, all of your social media channels should be pointing to your blog. Regularly put your posts on social media so that you audience can click through, read your posts and then enjoy everything else that you have to offer.

When posting blog posts, don’t ever make them all about selling your product or service. Your audience will get tired of reading “Sell, Sell, Sell”, all the time. I know that I would. Give calls to action, share about what you do, but don’t shove it down your reader’s throats.

Your blog is also a great way to sell affiliate products that would be relevant to your audience. You can put banner ads on the side of your website for your affiliate companies. (Always disclose somewhere on your blog that there may be affiliate links in your posts). As time goes on and your site gains traction, you may also get approached or approach companies to get to review products for free in exchange for a blog post.

Some Cardinal Rules to know about websites:

Website 101

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Just remember, using free websites is not going to get you anywhere in your business. Spend the money and get hosting and a domain. I recommend Hostgator. That is where this site is hosted and they have always been good to me. 

Your website is a great way to build your business, engage your audience, show yourself as an expert in your field, and create an extra stream of income. All with a little work and effort.

How do you use your website to grow your business? 





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