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Can Outsourcing Help Your Business?

By Heather Santo | Organization


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Many of us want help in all aspects of our lives, but it can be a little difficult to ask for it. After all, the person that can do what you do best is, in fact, you. There are some things, however, that are not worth you doing in your business or in your life. Things that you really could ask for help doing. We are so eager to give help, but can be often afraid to receive it. Maybe it makes you think that you are weak or that you are afraid to hand over the reins.

Asking for help is not about giving up control. It’s about taking control back. If you are trying to do everything, you will get nothing done. There are little things in all of our lives that could stand to be given to someone else. They may or may not want to do what we are asking, but if its in their power it would be very beneficial to you.

I have difficulty with doing it even in my own life. It was always in my head, that I had to stand over my husband’s shoulder when he cooked because I didn’t trust he would measure everything or use too much salt or something unhealthy. There was no reason not to trust him. It took me a long time to realize that by sharing that responsibility, we made it easier on both of us. It wasn’t necessary that I do it, but it required me to have some trust and hand over the reins. Now, I’m not rushing to have it on the table on days when I have lots to do.It makes it easier. The same goes for your business.

There are things in your business that you don’t necessarily need to do. I’m definitely not advocating handing over your entire business, but there are things that you don’t necessarily need to touch to allow your business to run smoothly. It could be things that are monthly or things that are not worth you learning for a one-time use. Odds are it will take you longer to learn it and you could be losing out on valuable revenue in your business messing around with it.

It may be difficult to figure out WHAT to hand off. I know that you worked hard to build this business and there is a lot of trust involved with allowing someone else to help you with it, especially if it deals with your customers. The only way that you can ever let go is if you try. Entrepreneur ship is definitely a part of your life that will teach you how to let go. If you don’t, odds are you are wasting time on things that don’t need your special gifts.

Take a look at your daily list and ask yourself what part of it could you hand off. Same with your household chores or home duties. Where could you use a helping hand to just free up some extra time for the things that are more important. Once you let go and outsource the first thing, you will wonder how you ever made it through before. Next you know, you will be handing off more and more and getting progressively more important things done in your business.

Even as an administrative consultant, there are things that I outsource. Why? Because they are things that are holding me back from being productive and if someone can do it faster and better, I’m going to hire them to do it so I can serve my clients more efficiently. Think of all of the benefits if you had an extra 5-10 hours a week and then try handing some things off. You will be glad that you did.

Head Shot Cropped VAHeather Santo is a certified Virtual Administrative Consultant with over 15 years of customer service experience. She also spent time in corporate America as a Human Resources Manager performing generalist duties and specializing in recruiting. She now enjoys using her talents to serve her clients and help them to operate their businesses efficiently. She specializes in Aweber, Pinterest, WordPress Thesis, Gratitude Concierge Work and social media content graphic creation.

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