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Do You Backup Your Website?

By Heather Santo | Blogging


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I’m not quite sure what it is about backing things up that makes us not want to do it. It’s one of those things that you know that you should do, but don’t. Very easily we think that nothing is going to happen to our website and that is just everyone elses so we skip it. Unfortunately, you do not want to wait until something happens and your site goes kaplooey before you decide to take a few minutes to do it.

Here’s the deal, you never know what is going to make your website act wonky. Sometimes it is a plugin going on the fritz or the site got hacked. Best practice is to backup your website frequently and especially every time that you update the plugins. Now, I know that plugins get updated all the time, but it is worth it to do it. The idea is that you never need it and I hope you never do, but don’t make it a habit after the fact.

If you don’t have any backup plugins on your list, here are my two favorites and the ones that I install on my client websites:

Online Backup For WordPress: You can have a copy of your backup emailed to you and then keep another one in a cloud somewhere. Just make sure that you have one that is not on your computer. If your computer decides to blow up you don’t want the only copy of your website to be on the dead computer.

WP DB Manager: This is another good one to use. An important note on this plugin: it  does NOT work if you have Go Daddy as your host.

Choose the one that you like best. Even if these aren’t the ones you like, just make sure that you backup the site. Do something to make sure that you don’t forget.  Put up Post-It Notes, place reminders on your smartphone or have it written on your calendar, it doesn’t matter, just make sure it is part of your routine.

Do you backup your website and if you do, how often do you do it? Are you regimented or could you do a little better with making sure that you do it? I’d love to hear from you.


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