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5 Tricks For Getting More Interaction On Twitter

By Heather Santo | Social Media


You don't have to try and figure out this social media thing all on your own. I'll light the way!

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5 Tricks For Getting More Interaction on Twitter

So you found out that your ideal client is on Twitter. Great! The question is how do you take advantage of them being there and getting them to retweet your content and convert?

First things first, if you have been mainly using Facebook, Twitter is a COMPLETELY different animal. You can’t schedule your content, interact and post the same way. If that is what you are doing, that is issue #1. Stop! Learn the way that Twitter works and you will notice a dramatic difference in how the platform works for your business. Check out these 5 Tricks For Getting More Interaction on Twitter.

1. Don’t SPAM: This goes without saying, but if all of your tweets are “Buy my stuff”, you are going to get unfollowed quickly. Give your audience value and a reason to even stay connected with you. With all the craziness that is Twitter, you need to stand out and give people a reason to want to move you onto a list so that they don’t miss a tweet.

2. Don’t Truncate: Pet Peeve #1: All of your posts are shared from Facebook to Twitter and they are cut off. It makes all your tweets look like an after thought. In most instances, people won’t even click through to see the rest. Their feed is too busy and they don’t have time to click to see if they even want to read what the post is about. Do your diligence and disconnect the platforms from each other. If they can read your whole post, they will be more likely to retweet it.

3. Post Frequently. If you posting 6 – 8 times a day like Facebook, you might as well not bother. Twitter moves FAST and if you don’t post more frequently, your tweets will be lost in the stream. When you post more frequently, the odds of being retweeted will rise. Don’t forget to include questions as well for more engagement!

4. Inspire: Just like other social media platforms, people on Twitter LOVE inspiration, especially if it has a photo. You’ll notice an increase in retweets and retweets with comments (which is a BIG plus) when you do this.

5. Provide Value: Twitter is my #1 spot for blog traffic. Many people use Twitter instead of the paper or TV to get their news. They also enjoy using it as a source for general information. When you provide great value, they want to share it with others, especially these types of posts: DIY, Tips and Tricks, Strategies, How-to’s, Recipes, Lists/Guides. Try it!

What is your favorite type of tweets to post on Twitter?



Head Shot Cropped VAHeather Santo is a certified Virtual Administrative Consultant with over 15 years of customer service experience. She also spent time in corporate America as a Human Resources Manager performing generalist duties and specializing in recruiting. She now enjoys using her talents to serve her clients and help them to operate their businesses efficiently. She specializes in Aweber, Pinterest, WordPress Thesis, Gratitude Concierge Work and social media content graphic creation.

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