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2014 Year in Review

By Heather Santo | Business


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Every year I believe that you learn a lot if you pay attention. You can learn more about your strengths, weaknesses, your relationships and your business. I set myself some quite lofty goals this year when I started. This is my 2014 year in review.

I kept to the 30Day PUSH with Chalene Johnson method that had me writing down my goals once a week. My top 10 goals and then my PUSH goal. My goals were always in front of me, but I did not make them all. That’s OK. I am better equipped for this time around.

I said I was going to lose another 25lbs this year. I didn’t make it. I stayed my long and arduous road to health, but didn’t make that one. That’s OK, because I didn’t make a resolution in January and then stop in February. I’ve been on this health journey since 2008. I think I’m sticking to it! 

I wanted to grow my business and I did. At the end of last year, I shifted my focus to narrowing down the types of entrepreneurs that I can really help. Health is a passion of mine, so I was able to connect with those people the best. I also want business owners to be healthier, so I do that through my essential oils education business. I met that goal, but I have MUCH work to do for next year.

Another of my goals was to be a better wife. I know that I will never be perfect, but I have so much more that I can do to really work with our marriage. We have had so many tribulations and trials during our marriage and we have found a way to persevere and that says something. My goal is to keep helping us to grow stronger. This was on my husband’s list too.

I also said that I wanted to read 50 books. I came close. I wasn’t going to read all business books. I wanted to read some fun ones too. These are the books that I read in 2015:

1. The Art of Being Unmistakable

2. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

3. Boundaries

4. The Hunger Games

5. Catching Fire

6. Mockingjay

7. Beautiful Creatures

8. Beautiful Darkness

9. Beautiful Chaos

10. Beautiful Redemption

11. As A Man Thinketh

12. Crash The Chatterbox

13. The War of Art

14. The 80 Hour Workweek

15. The Glass 1/2 Full: How to be Positive and How It’s Healthy For You

16. Procrastination Busters: 37 Powerful Tools, Shortcuts and Strategies For Getting Things Done

17. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

18. The 4 Year Career – Young Living Edition

19. The Copywriter’s Handbook

20. Divergent

21. The Gift of Imperfection

22. 102 Tweets

23. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

24. The Power of Resting

25. I Declare ( Read this 12 times – Read one daily devotion, 1x per day/ entire book each month)

26. A Game of Thrones

There wasn’t a single one of these books that I didn’t enjoy. I hope that you will add some of them to your 2015 reading list. Did you read any of these books or have a book that really spoke to you that you read? I’m always looking for new books to read. 



Head Shot Cropped VAHeather Santo is a certified Virtual Administrative Consultant with over 15 years of customer service experience. She also spent time in corporate America as a Human Resources Manager performing generalist duties and specializing in recruiting. She now enjoys using her talents to serve her clients and help them to operate their businesses efficiently. She specializes in Aweber, Pinterest, WordPress Thesis, Gratitude Concierge Work and social media content graphic creation.

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